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Guided tours over the badlands - B&B Piane di Enea


The gullies, also called “BAD LANDSor land of evil. I am a geomorphological phenomenon of soil erosion that occurs due to the effect of run-off water out of clay rocks degraded, with little vegetation cover and therefore not protected from runoff. The plants that are established in the gullies are subject to stress for the entire period of the year, the high salt content makes the soil allomorph, consequently the vegetation is able to tolerate the sodium dissolved in water. We are therefore in the presence of wild herbs and edible for very good cuisines or to be worn with simple natural olive oil. During this excursion will be collected for these herbs then be tasted at home.



We organize guided tours and dining options in our vineyards along the steps leading from the vine to the glass“.
Going into the winery, you will assist in the transformation and the small tasting of wines with special local products are homemade.

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