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The term “aromatherapy” is the use of aromatic essences, also known as essential oils or volatile oils, to prevent the disease or to treat certain morbid affections. Aromatherapy is a method of holistic healing that can act on the physical, mental and spiritual through the use of essential oils (essences to relax, to sleep essences, essences for meditation).




Curative method, complementary to other somatic treatments or psychotherapy, in which the therapeutic agent is constituted by a work activity.
Courses provided:

  • Courses Gardening and horticulture
  • Courses nurturing animals



The light therapy is a therapeutic science that is based on exposure to the sun’s rays to cure the ailments of various kinds. The benefits of this natural therapy to preventive and curative bringsbody are numerous, depending on the intensity with which the heat radiated by the sun acts on the human body. The practice of exploiting the natural sunlight for therapeutic purposes has very ancient origins: in all cultures the sun is energy, warmth and life. On the other hand, since its origin man ‘s empirically including the effects of climatic factors on their health, then we could say that thelight therapy is a practice that has always belonged to medicine.


Pet Therapy by the term, coined by American psychiatrist Boris Levinson in 1953, refers to a type of therapy based on assistance animals for the treatment of disability is the spikes that psitiche and also learning disorder such as anxiety, hyperactivity and autism.
The presence and the iteration with the animal can:

  • Helping to meet certain needs (affection, security, interpersonal relations) necessary for the maintenance of good mental and physical balance, improving the quality of life and human relationships;
  • To contribute, supporting and complementing traditional medical therapies, to improve the state of health of those who are particularly uncomfortable condition favoring the achievement of physical, social, emotional and cognitive.




Meditation is an “activity” of the mind that continually focuses on a single object, the only thought in my mind. The aims of the techniques of meditation is to clear your mind to be a bridge to a pure awareness and stress, emotional and mental health; create peace of mind and harmony within oneself. Replace the confusine emotional and mental as something positive and actively sacred and divine.


 Courses Prayer


Prayer is not everything, but everything has to start from prayer.

  •   Prayer is the very life of God because God is prayer , is a communion of love.
  •   Prayer is not something optional but constitutive of our innermost being as created in the image of God: it is the most profound vocation of man.
  •   To pray is to meet God , you think that He loves us infinitely as we are, is to love him .
  •   Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to those who ask of the Father.
  •   The vocation of man is to be contemplative in the streets of the world.
  •   Prayer does not need many words, because the ‘ love is expressed above all by the facts.
  •   You can pray in silence , suffering , working , but the silence , suffering , work is prayer only if you love it .
  •   We’ll never know assess the validity of our prayer , but we feel we pray if we grow in love, detachment from evil and in fidelity to God’s will .
  •   Learn to pray especially those who learn to be silent before God and resist his silence.
  •   To pray is to ask God’s free gift every day.
  •   Give time to prayer is to give time to God and themselves.
  •   To love, to pray , is not to feel that you love, but want to love .
  •   In prayer we must persevere without seeing and begin again , no purpose, for nothing, for him, in pure loss .
  •   Giving back to others what we receive from God .
  •   Those who learn to pray learns to live .




We organize:

  • COOKING CLASSES HEALTH FANATIC cure ourselves eating, we put in the pot what nature offers us spontaneously”;
  • COURSES FOR CHILDREN: The kitchen of savings, we learn how to cook what they usually throw“;
  • COURSES FOR FOREIGNERS: Italian cuisine“, “La Marche cooking“, “cuisine Ascolana.

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