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Bed and Breakfast is a farmhouse built in 1962 with the Law on the mountain , the materials used are taken from the ruins of a castle part of the family now collapsed. They are hand-made bricks and cooked on the spot where there was a large furnace fueled by wood . The house was built to house the family of sharecroppers who worked the neighboring fields.

The B&B is situated at the foot of the village of Ripaberarda , nicknamed the ” Trojan “. According to the legend seems to have been the refuge of Aeneas with his old father Anchises. It is an area of particular interest , located between the badlands and supervised by our lady sleeping (the Mounte dell’ Ascensione ) with its stories and legends. At his feet is the sanctuary of Montemisio , formerly a temple dedicated to the goddess Artemisia . From its ruins the good farmers have made that gushes a wine of particular value, the ” Pecorino “ , the wine is available in the Bed and Breakfast is in the normal version and champagne.
The Bed and Breakfast is located at:

  • 30 km from our wonderful Adriatic sea
  • 30 km from the ski fields
  • 12 km from Ascoli Piceno , a beautiful city covered in travertine and full of traditions , festivals and culinary arts
  • 50 m from the Bed and Breakfast is a bus service that connects Ripaberarda with the neighboring cities.

The Bed and Breakfast is equipped with:

  • 3 bedrooms with 6 beds
  • Kitchen and dining room ( available to guests , or rentable for catering, birthday parties, courses, meetings and any activities you wish to organize private )
  • The structure is equipped with facilities for the removal of architectural barriers and free internet access via Wi-Fi to its customers.

The Bed and Breakfast organizes several courses and events throughout the year to free participation , such as: gardening classes , courses nurturing animals , occupational therapy , aromatherapy, petterpy , meditation classes , courses of prayer , cooking classes , guided hikes, pic picnic in the vineyard and in the cellar . To have more details visit the COURSES PAGE .

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